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Unikel is an award-winning, shocking and acclaimed contemporary painter and mixed media artist known for her versatility and scandalous works. Her works have been displayed in galleries since 2008. She is recognized as a notable player in the entertainment world on two continents.

As an established international celebrity, Unikel has been featured in Daily Star , ELLE, Forbes, L'Officiel, OK Magazine, The Sun, The Independent and many others.

Unikel has also received recognition as a writer, performer, producer, and media mogul.

Having a top education in music and acting, she has played numerous roles in film, TV, and stage performances in various countries including the US, Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia. (IMDB)

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Unikel works with many types of visual arts that include painting, mixed media, photography, and sculpture. Every collection she releases carries a strong message and always receives press attention.

Her latest collections are called War and Gender, both activist contemporary art collections addressing today's social problems. Upcoming mixed media collections: Money, Gold.

Unikel's photo works are available for sale to collectors and can be viewed here.

She is also the founder of the Trancerealism movement in which artists create their works through a channeling connection with the Universe.

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Art & Charity

Victoria Unikel actively advocates for a number of social causes and works with non-profits such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the United States, where her painting was auctioned off for charity, and the AIDS Foundation in Berlin, Germany. She is a passionate supporter of the LGBT community and for equal rights and freedom for everyone, regardless of color or creed.

Victoria's contribution to society was recognized when she received the top art award for her efforts in the battle against human trafficking and slavery from the MOSAIC Federation (a worldwide association comprising the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence and law enforcement agencies) at a star-studded 2019 celebrity gala held at New York’s Cipriani 42nd Street.

A new work from Victoria’s latest collection is scheduled to be auctioned for charity at the Make-A-Wish celebrity auction in the Fall of 2024.

Victoria also founded VUGA Foundation, a non-profit organization that will work to further equality, justice, and peace, through art and entertainment.